Do you earn what you deserve?


Are you an alternative practitioner or coach in the field of health or personal development and your business doesn’t work the way you want it to? Would you like to do more, help more people and play your gift to the full?

But instead of taking up full speed, you’re bumming around. You struggle to explain exactly what you do and how you achieve results for your clients. You don’t have enough customers or even the wrong ones. Those with who you don’t enjoy working, or who even drain your energy.

Or you work almost all the time, making it right for your customers, but your own work-life balance falls by the wayside?

And last but not least you don’t even demand a fair energy balance, because you don’t dare to set a reasonable price.

You feel neither financially free nor prepared for the future…


What if in a few weeks you could set the course for more success and freedom?

Imagine you could effortlessly and with conviction express the benefits you bring to your customers in any situation.

Every new encounter could bring you a new customer or a recommendation, even though you are completely relaxed and just telling what you are doing for whom.

You don’t have to worry that your practice won’t work anymore, you can support your family and you don’t have to attack your reserves to take a holiday – or even do without a holiday.

You can choose the customers with whom you prefer to work and for whom you get the best results. You can even afford to take on “pro bono” customers if that’s important to you.

You can schedule your day and break free when you want. You are the designer of your life and your business!

How does this feel? Sound good?

Hello, my name is Christiane Mohr

and my heart beats for healers and coaches

A few years ago, I had a turning point in my life: My father was diagnosed with cancer. And even though he was more into orthodox medicine all his life, he asked me to do research for him.

Since my youth I have had a passion for health and had even started training as a classical homeopath, but the little hypochondriac in me made my life hell. But my fascination for alternative healing methods remained.

After my father died, however, the topic did not let me go, and I published a book on cancer prevention – written from the perspective of family members and incorporating my experiences as an energy healer.

I set up the appropriate blog and was booked for THEKI® sessions. But it didn’t do me any good. I adopted every energy and I could not let go of what happened during the sessions.

Nevertheless I wanted to make my contribution. And when I realized how difficult most alternative practitioners and coaches find it to present their services clearly and benefit-oriented, my path was clear.

I decided to combine my 20 years of marketing experience with my personal strengths and passion. I help alternative health professionals win more clients by clearly communicating their unique expertise so that they increase their impact and income.

But what I have learned from this episode of my life is very important: if you don’t start with yourself, you can end up completely wrong.

You could end up with the wrong patients who leave you exhausted…

You could take the wrong marketing campaigns, which only burden you, but yield nothing…

I was working against myself. And while I had the right tools and did the same things that I did successfully for my marketing clients, I sabotaged myself because deep down inside my inner wisdom knew it was wrong.

In hindsight it seems crystal clear, but in those years I could have used someone at my side to guide me with empathy and brain to use my unique gifts in a way that would bring the greatest benefit without jeopardizing my own happiness.

This year (2019) I took part in the Masterclass “Successful Health Professional” with Christiane Mohr.

The reason was that I had no marketing strategy for my health practice in Bad Tölz and my website was outdated. My practice went very well, but I worked a lot, definitely for too low an income and wanted to structure my offer and make it more efficient.

Christiane Mohr first led me to myself with her program, so I had to define my own values and ideas in order to define ideal target groups and programs. The process was very demanding for me. I had to deal with my practice and myself very honestly and intensively.

I am very grateful for the process and especially for the result, because now I have a clearly defined program, a clearly defined pricing and for me a lot less stress. Now I can present a corresponding, promising offer on the web.

I liked the conversation with you very much because you gave me space to express my thoughts, and I know much better than before that there is a need for action.

For me, the clearest realization after the conversation was that I wanted to address a certain target group and get out of the corner to be “there for everyone”….

Naturopath & Coach

Thank you very much for your gift, listening to me for one hour, and wrapping everything up perfectly oin your recap.

Your analysis has shown me where I stand and what I need to reach my goal. Your summary of the situation and your specific proposal brought me a big step further on my way.

Thank you very much for making me aware of an old belief that is no longer valid. Now I can deal with it differently.

Sabine T., Coach

This is how your way to clarity and success looks like…

This is what our journey together looks like in detail…

During the program we will work together on the 5 core modules that I will deliver to your email account over 8 weeks. For each module you will receive extensive worksheets to guide you through the process.

So you don’t lose your way and to clarify all your questions, we have a 1:1 call in each module where we roll up our sleeves to get you the clarity you need to create a powerful message.

Throughout the program you can contact me by email if you don’t get ahead and need help, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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