You Are a Dedicated and Passionate Expert in Your Field.

You have years of experience, extensive qualifications and you achieve great results for your clients – and you are here for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your heart beats for your work as a health professional and in personal development – whether as an alternative practitioner or coach. But “selling” your services and marketing is difficult for you. Or you do not have the patients or clients who suit you and you are wasting your time with unsuccessful measures.
  2. You yourself or your company are the unknown service heroes. Your services are valuable, you see your customer as a whole and solve essential problems. Unfortunately, you do not manage to communicate all this clearly and convincingly.

Then it’s time to take your communication and marketing to the next level. And finally to learn to hit the nail on the head when you present the benefits you provide and invest your time, energy and money in successful marketing campaigns.

What are you waiting for?

Have fun talking about your own offer

If you finally want to communicate your work and the benefits you bring to your customers in every situation – in a personal conversation, but also in your communication via website, newsletter or in your print materials – effortlessly and with conviction, have your pick.

Heilpraktiker Gesundheitscoaches Coaches für persönliche Weiterentwicklung

Your profession is your calling

… and the results you achieve for your patients and clients are great. But when asked what you are doing, you don’t go far beyond “alternative practitioner” and “holistic view”? You lose your conversation partner in the first 15 seconds instead of creating an immediate connecting-point and hearing the magic words “Tell me more…”?

Dienstleister Berater Dienstleistungsunternehmen

Your plans and goals are big

… but you don’t know how to make your communication and marketing great? You either lack the time, the know-how or the enthusiasm? Because your profession is simply more exciting?

You get tangled up in the details of your service and waste your time with campaigns that don’t bring the desired success?

I liked the conversation with you very much because you gave me space to express my thoughts, and I know much better than before that there is a need for action.

For me, the clearest realization after the conversation was that I wanted to address a certain target group and get out of the corner to be “there for everyone”….

Naturopath & Coach

Thank you very much for your gift, listening to me for one hour, and wrapping everything up perfectly oin your recap.

Your analysis has shown me where I stand and what I need to reach my goal. Your summary of the situation and your specific proposal brought me a big step further on my way.

Thank you very much for making me aware of an old belief that is no longer valid. Now I can deal with it differently.

Sabine T., Coach
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